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I.T. Repair Guru's is a small specialist I.T. Company based in Berkshire, we bring together some of the best minds in the sector, we offer repair solutions to business and to the public directly from our shop and repair centre based in Thatcham we cover most of Berkshire including, Newbury, Reading, Andover, Hampshire, Basingstoke, Pangbourne, Theale, Hungerford and much more.

I.T. Repair Guru's specialise in component level repairs, in particular GPU failure repair.


Other repairs include, no power faults, battery faults, connector faults, virus and software faults.


* 6 Month Warranty On Hardware Repairs

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* 1000's Of Happy Customers

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Mon - Fri : 8.30AM - 5.30PM, Sat : 10.00AM - 1.00PM. Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays



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Some valuable tips to prevent data loss.

They say prevention is better than cure, this is certainly the case for Data Recovery.


Get I.T. Solutions recommends making regular data backups on to external media and keeping this locked away safely.

From memory sticks and hard drives to mobile devices and memory cards I.T. Repair Guru's are able to help.

If your device has failed and all of your data appears to be gone all might not be lost I.T. Repair Guru's have invested a lot of time and money in perfecting a data recovery solution that is suitable for most situations, in extreme cases when I.T. Repair Guru's team of experts can not help in house we may be able to send the device to one of our labs and get the data recovered in this way however we can usually recover the data in house at reasonable costs.

Our data Recovery engineers have been providing professional hard drive data recovery service for many years. Our data recovery specialists explore several recovery methods to retrieve your valuable data. I.T. Repair Guru's can recover your Sensitive data from the most severe cases of data loss using Advanced Forensic technology and Highly skilled recovery engineers


Hard drives are sensitive devices and should be handled with care. Knocks and bumps can commonly lead to a head fault, this can be identified by clicking or knocking noises. This is just one example of how a hard disk can fail, they can also fail in lots of other ways, examples below:


• Internal mechanical failure (impact damage, seized motor, head faults)

• Damaged sectors

• Water damage (floods, spillages)

• Human error (deleted files/folders, re-formatted hard drives)

• Corruption (file system errors)

• Virus attack


I.T. Repair Guru's LTD can successfully recover data in most cases from the drives if any of the above faults have occurred.



Hard drives will eventually fail like any device with moving components. A hard disk drive is made up of a chassis containing a spindle motor, platters, read/write heads and head actuator all contained in a sealed chamber named the HDA. The HDA (hard disk assembly) should only be opened in a clean lab facility by a professional data recovery engineer. On the exterior of the hard disk drive is the bezel, PCB (printed circuit board) also known as the logic board.


In the event of data loss stay calm and try not to panic, turn the PC off straight away to make sure that no further damage is done to the disk and you data. Seek professional advice straight away do not use utilities recommend by inexperienced data recovery engineers.